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How's my driving?

Goku is a new muse for me, I'm open to any and all comments/critique.
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NAME: Junabi
AGE: 25
JOURNAL: [ profile] johinnabara
IM: Johinnabara

FANDOM: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Gensomaden Saiyuki is based off of the Chinese story “Journey to the West” in which a Buddhist monk travels to India to obtain sacred texts. Goku is based on one of the monk’s companions; Sun Wukong aka The Monkey King.

The story takes place in Shangri La which is a pseudo historical China. There are three main races in Shangri La; humans, demons and gods. Humans and demons coexist for the most part on the Earth and the gods watch them from heaven, bored out of their minds.

Goku is none of these races. He was born on a mountain from the Earth itself as the Seiten Taisei; The Great Sage Equaling Heaven. According to the gods he is a being of chaos. The description of “equaling heaven” is not an exaggeration. He was powerful enough to bring down the heavens almost as soon as he was born and his power continues to grow. The “great sage” part is open to interpretation because the Seiten Taisei works on instinct and Goku is most often referred to as a stupid monkey.

To the gods he was a heretical being, his very birth against nature. His golden eyes proved his heretical state as only the worst of beings are born with golden eyes. To stop his powers they placed a golden diadem on his head. All demons can be limited using man-made devices called demon power limiters. They usually take the form of jewelry so they can always be worn and easily removed when necessary. As their name implies, they restrict the worst of a demon’s powers and allow the demons to maintain a human form. Their real power is not taken away; it is simply sealed while the limiter is in place.

Goku’s diadem was god-made instead of man-made as the Seiten Taisei was more powerful than anything a human could control. Once the diadem was on his head, the Seiten Taisei turned into an innocent monkey-like creature that would later be referred to as Goku. Even with the limiter he was still so powerful that the gods attached chains to his arms, legs and neck. He was so innocent that he was more confused by these chains than angered. He was just happy that the weight wasn’t enough to keep him from playing (though tree limbs were more likely to break when he climbed them) his only disappointment was that they got in his way.

Here is where the story gets going. Goku was brought to the Merciful Goddess, Konzeon Bosatsu, for her to decide what to do with him. Next to her was her very bored nephew, Konzen Douji. Goku took one look at Konzen’s long blonde hair and reached out saying “it’s like the sun.” He promptly ripped a chunk out of Konzen’s head, which caused the god to explode and try to beat the monkey up. The Merciful Goddess had never seen anything so funny in her life and promptly put Konzen in charge of Goku. Goku was thrilled to be able to be with his “sun” even if his sun was kind of an asshole.

For Goku things progressed in heaven very nicely. He spent his childhood coloring on the back of Konzen’s important documents and then running away when Konzen got mad at him for no reason. It took awhile but Konzen started to soften up towards him and gave him the name “Goku.”

He also made a lot of friends including; Tenpou, Kenren and Nataku. Tenpou was a field marshal of heaven’s army and one of Konzen’s friends. He took an interest in Goku and turned into his teacher. Kenren was one of Tenpou’s soldiers. Goku liked him because he was a lot more laidback than any of the other gods he knew. His best friend though was Nataku, the current war god. He was his age, liked to play pranks and even more importantly had golden eyes just like his!

It was just when everyone was at their happiest that the shit hit the fan.

The gods in heaven are very concerned about their purity. One of their most important rules to protect their purity is to never kill. The only ones in heaven who can kill or be killed are heretical beings (those with golden eyes). Nataku was specially engineered by his father, Li Touten, to be a being with golden eyes so that he could become a war god and his father could use him to rise to power. Right when that was going so well, Goku (someone with naturally golden eyes and probably more power than Nataku) showed up. Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren knew that the only reason Goku was brought to heaven was to be the next war god, but didn’t want to ruin Goku’s innocence by telling him that harsh truth.

To keep Goku from taking away his only leverage Li Touten ordered Nataku to kill Goku. Nataku wasn’t able to disobey his father and attacked Goku. However, when Goku wouldn’t fight back against his friend, something in Nataku broke. He wasn’t able to disobey his father but he wouldn’t kill Goku, so instead he turned his sword on himself.

Until that point, Goku had lived a very peaceful and sheltered life. He didn’t know how to handle watching his friend try to kill himself. The intense emotions he felt were too strong for even the diadem to control. It cracked and then broke completely off his head. In the middle of heaven, surrounded by gods, the Seiten Taisei awoke.

Within minutes the gods around him had been slaughtered.

Since Goku was a heretical being, the gods could kill him without threat to their purity when ordered to. But any god that tried was killed before they even knew what had happened.

Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren managed to subdue him long enough to get Goku out of there, but now they were charged as accomplices and the emperor called for all of them to be punished. The Seiten Taisei tried to attack Konzen, but when Konzen didn’t fight back, Goku woke up and took control again. Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren refused to let Goku be punished due to Li Touten’s plots. They demanded that they be exiled to Earth (because really heaven was just too boring) so they could all live there and keep Goku from being used as a war god. That was denied, and the race to the door to Earth began.

Kenren made a pinky swear with Goku that the four of them would make it to Earth together and Konzen and Tenpou agreed. All they had to do was get to the door to the lower world which was in the middle of the enemy stronghold. However on the way, both Kenren and Tenpou fell. After the two fighters fell, Konzen made the decision that Goku had to get through the door even if he didn’t so their sacrifice would be for something. Goku wouldn’t accept that, and Konzen promised that even if he didn’t make it through the door he would find Goku again.

The two made it to the door to freedom but Li Touten was there and started to close the door before they could make it through. Just before the door could completely shut Konzen used his larger body to prop the door open as much as he could so the much smaller Goku could get through. Goku escaped and turned around just in time to see his mentor and sun crushed to death for his freedom.

After the dust settled in heaven all of the gods realized what Li Toiten had been up to (and that he wasn’t the only one behind it, but that’s another story). Even though they now knew that Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren hadn’t been their enemies, Goku had still killed many gods and needed to be punished. He was sentenced to 500 years of imprisonment on the top of Mount Gogyou. Some of the gods were worried about how to find him now that he had escaped, but the Merciful Goddess knew he was still curled up in front of the door crying for his lost friends.

After making you read all of that, you’ll probably be a little annoyed when I say this next bit: The Merciful Goddess removed all memories of Goku’s time in heaven.

She left only his name because he had been so happy when Konzen had actually given him one that she couldn’t bring herself to take it away. He was left with only that and "the memories that were carved into [his] soul."

On to the background that Goku DOES remember:

Goku was chained to a wall in a cave for the full 500 years. He had no idea why. All he knew was that his name was Goku and that his name was very important for some reason. He lived each day to watch the sun come up and feel its warmth, only to feel cold and lonely every time it set. He often wished that he couldn’t see the sun at all because then he wouldn’t have yearned for it. During the 500 years he had one friend; a yellow bird that came through the bars of his prison. It was his only company and reminded him of the sun even after it had set. Then one day he woke up and saw the bird lying motionless outside his bars. He panicked and tried to reach it, but it was just outside his reach. And it stayed there right outside his bars until it either rotted or was blown away.

He had no idea he was doing it, but the entire time Goku was imprisoned he mentally called out to Konzen. It wasn’t until the end of his sentence that Konzen finally made it back to him. Konzen’s reincarnation, Genjo Sanzo, was fed up with the constant racket of his calls and came to see who was shouting so he could get them to shut up. Sanzo reached out his hand to Goku and as soon as they touched his chains disappeared marking the end of his imprisonment.

From that point on Goku followed Sanzo like a loyal puppy. Like Konzen, he compared Sanzo’s hair to the sun and he vowed to follow his sun everywhere. Sanzo was the head Buddhist priest at Keiun temple, and so that is where Goku grew up the second time. At first Sanzo kept him in a shed until he could find a foster parent or orphanage. But after he found out Goku's true nature from the three aspects he decided to keep him near.

The other monks in the temple absolutely despised him. Despite his imprisonment he was still an innocent child or, as Sanzo kept calling him, a Stupid Monkey. The monks could try to teach him proper behaviors all they wanted but it never stuck. The only one Goku listened to without argument (usually) was Sanzo. He climbed sacred trees, ate sacred peaches and brought dirty animals into the temple to run around the floors the other monks had just washed. And he never had any idea why the monks were always so mad at him. He didn’t get it when Sanzo hit him with a paper fan and told him to stop either, but he always did because it was Sanzo who asked.

Goku found the temple very boring, but sometimes when Sanzo got an assignment from the three aspects he would let Goku come with. Those assignments were always fun, because he got to leave the temple and meet people. During one of those assignments he met Gojyo and Hakkai. Gojyo was a lecherous half-breed (half demon half human) who was also the reincarnation of Kenren. Hakkai was a human who had bathed in the blood of a thousand demons and was turned into a demon himself. He was also the reincarnation of Tenpou.

It took a very long time, but the promise they had made in heaven to find each other again had been kept (not that Goku knew that outside of a feeling of rightness). Unfortunately their reincarnations brought a lot of changes to each of his friends. Each one now had a very angsty past and a lot of intimacy issues that kept them from being the lovey-dovey pile of friends they had been before. Now they still all cared for each other, but showed that through insults, beatings and death threats.

Still Goku could not have been happier. The monks were stuffy and kept trying to teach him things, he kept getting hit by Sanzo’s fan and everyone called him a stupid monkey but he was free and had friends.

So of course that was when the shit hit the fan…again.

Demons and humans had always lived in relative peace together. Demons were stronger so naturally there were always a few who would try to enslave people, but for the most part they were just normal people going about their day. That was until the minus wave. The bad guys were trying to revive the demon Gyumaoh using a forbidden mix of magic and science. This mix sent a minus wave throughout Shangri-la that caused most demons to completely lose their sense of self and go berserk.

Sanzo was ordered to stop the resurrection of Gyumaoh. He wanted to go alone, but he was also ordered to bring Gojyo, Hakkai and Goku with him. And so their never ending journey west began.

Everyday they drive in Hakuryu (a tiny white dragon that turns into a jeep), go to towns, fight the monsters in said towns, get attacked by monsters outside of said towns and keep trying to get to India to stop the minus wave.

Goku will be taken from fairly early in the journey. So far they have met Kougaiji and his retainers. Kougaiji is the son of Gyumaoh and is supposed to be their enemy but none of them are very good at remembering that.

So far in the journey, Goku has lost his diadem twice. The first time, he begged Sanzo not to kill an ex-monk, Shuei, who had been taken over by a talisman. He stopped Sanzo from shooting Shuei (yes the monk has a gun and kills things with it…he also smokes and drinks. Moving on.) because they used to be friends. That stopped Sanzo but it didn’t stop Shuei from stabbing Sanzo in the gut.

Seeing Sanzo mortally wounded, caused flashes in Goku’s mind of both Konzen and Nataku, but he didn’t know what they meant. That added confusion as well as watching Sanzo fall caused Goku’s diadem to break and the Seiten Taisei to come out. Fortunately before he could cause any real damage the merciful goddess appeared and put a new diadem back on his head.

Sanzo came out of it okay as Shuei had missed his vitals. Goku tried hard to but couldn’t figure out how friends could do that to each other even if under the influence of something else.

The second time the diadem came off, he did so purposefully. Sanzo was poisoned by a scorpion demon in the desert. Hakuryu was too tired to carry them back to the nearby village and Kougaiji came to fight them. Kougaiji offered to let them use his flying dragon, if and only if they could defeat him. After a brief fight Goku realized Sanzo would be dead before they were finished and took off his diadem to end the fight quickly.

This was proof that Goku wasn’t aware of just how powerful the Seiten Taisei was. Before removing the diadem he asked Gojyo and Hakkai to take him down after he finished off Kougaiji and he fully believed the two of them would be able to. However after Kougaiji was defeated the Seiten Taisei went after his two friends as he was unable to distinguish who they were and was having too much fun killing to care.

The merciful goddess did not make an appearance this time. Instead Sanzo got Goku’s attention and pinned him in place long enough to chant a sutra and create a new diadem to control him. That showed the diadem could be made by a human, but only one close to the gods such as a sanzo priests.

Goku will be brought to the city shortly after this time. Long enough to know that Sanzo is safe, but still close enough to remember that he really really doesn’t want to lose his diadem.

There are two personalities to go over; without diadem and with diadem.

Without Diadem:

This could be said to be his true nature; untamed and untamable. The Seiten Taisei acts on instinct, not because he’s stupid but because he’s without culture to bind him to any other way of acting. He is the only one of his kind. He is powerful and he knows it. Everything else in the world is a toy for him. He enjoys killing because he thinks it’s funny. He will continue to attack someone even after they’re already down because why not? Who’s going to stop him? He is intelligent, and can learn quickly, but most of that learning is directed only to fighting and stalking prey because that’s what he finds to be fun.

With Diadem:

With his power contained he is a complete innocent, or rather he was. Being raised by a monk who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish and tries to shoot everything he finds annoying leaves a mark. Then you add Gojyo who does all of those things and also makes a living by gambling and hitting on anything that moves, and Hakkai who just laughs at all of this instead of explaining that it’s wrong and you get Goku. He has quite a few bad habits from all of that, including swearing, showing care through insults and solving problems through yelling and violence. He hasn’t picked up the other bad habits because he doesn’t want to smoke, Sanzo won’t let him drink, he sucks at gambling and he doesn’t understand why he would want to hit on anything. He’s very much like a younger brother invited to a frat party.

He’s like a small child learning by example and lessons from his older mentors. Or more accurately he’s like a monkey learning how to be human. He’s actually intelligent and able to pick things up very quickly. In heaven, Tenpou mentioned that he had learned to read faster than anyone he’d ever seen before (of course that was erased with everything else and he had to relearn at the temple). What makes him seem stupid is his trusting nature and that his starting point of view is so different than a human’s. Humans are taught as they grow up and learn by example. Goku’s formative years were erased and then spent in a cave. He’s several years behind in his learning compared to how old he looks. Plus a lot of his thoughts are shaped more like an animal’s than a human’s or as a combination of the two.

Like the Seiten Taisei he acts on instinct most of the time. The big difference between the two is that without the huge rush of power, Goku is entranced by everything instead of disdainful amused by it. He still feels some of that power and therefore isn’t afraid of being hurt. That without the bloodlust of the Seiten Taisei leads him to be very trusting because he feels completely secure in almost every situation. Both want to explore the things around them; the Seiten Taisei by destroying and Goku by learning and experiencing.

Another thing he shares with the Seiten Taisei is that he fights for fun. Part of almost never being afraid is that fighting is fun for him. Therefore it’s something friends should do together because then everyone is having fun! Spending all of his time with Gojyo and Hakkai means he hasn’t been dissuaded of that idea yet. The only one in their group who wouldn’t have fun is Sanzo but every rule Goku follows has a Sanzo exception written in.

His greatest joy is his friends and his greatest fear is to be alone. He remembers being alone for such a long time, and he never wants to go back to it. He won’t let anything happen to his friends, especially Sanzo who was his savior (in two life times). He wants everyone to live happily and he honestly has a great deal of trouble understanding why some people or demons would do something that would make someone else unhappy. He doesn’t think of personal gain and will never understand why it’s so important to some people.

Part of his innocent trust is that he’s incapable of being prejudiced even if others are towards him. There have been many towns where he meets someone, and becomes their friend only to find out that they hate him because he’s a demon, and he doesn’t let it get to him for longer than a minute. One example was the first town they stopped in where he made good friends with a local girl who was a great cook. Her sister had been killed by demons and she frequently stated that she hated all of them. When she found of Goku was a demon she yelled at him for tricking her and said that she hated him. His response was to protect her anyway and when asked why he said “Demons, or humans…I don’t care as long as her cooking is good.”

Which brings us to another point; Goku loves to eat. He is constantly hungry. The fastest way to become his friend is to feed him. The quickest way to get your ass kicked is to steal his food. He stated that he was never hungry the entire 500 years he was in the cage. Now that he's out he enjoys food far more than he should.

As long as he’s fed and not alone, nothing can faze him. He can be chased out of a town, but as long as he’s chased out with friends and after he ate it’ll only affect him for a minute or two. If he didn’t get to eat first he might be sad for a whole hour or until he gets food (whichever comes first). The only thing that will affect him and continue to affect him is if his friends are sad, hurt or leaving him. That’s x100 if it’s Sanzo sad, hurt or leaving him.

He lives in the moment, and wouldn’t want to be any other way.

His true power is only available without his diadem (which he won't take off if he can avoid it). The porter is going to alter the diadem so that if it breaks it will reform out of the pieces. This will make it so that if anything ever happens to it, it can be put back on his head by anyone without the need to be a god or sanzo priest. Each of his powers will have a true strength and a limited strength because of the diadem. He will only be using the limited powers in day to day situations and the true power will be reserved for plots specifically involving removing his diadem. Don't worry, he won't be walking down the street one day and go "you know what would be fun?" and turn into a killing machine.

1. Seitan Tensai: He can deny it all he wants but he's a monkey demon and is not actually human so he has different physical characteristics.
True power:
  • Demon features: He looks like an animal, from pointed ears to slit pupils. He also has razor sharp claws and fangs.
  • Heightened senses: Like an animal he has a heightened sense of smell, sight and hearing. 
Limited Power:
  • Demon features are removed, and he looks entirely human. He still has heightened senses (especially his sense of smell) but they are closer to regular human.
2. Super Strength:  You don't get to be called "the great sage equaling heaven" by being a wuss.
True Power:
  • It's your basic destroying buildings in a single punch kind of deal. His muscles are just very strong so he's stronger, faster and more agile than most. It's the kind of strength and speed necessary to tear off a god's head with a single swipe of his claws.
Limited Power:
  • He won't be destroying buildings with a single punch, but the wall will get a nice sized crack.
  • He can call his Nyoi-Bo staff from thin air. He says its name and it will appear in his hand.
  • The Nyoi-Bo can split into a 3 piece nunchuk.
  • The Nyoi-Bo can be commanded to get longer to reach further away opponents.

[The video shows a very worried looking monkey face in front of a large pile of food wrappers on the ground]

Naa…Is there a way to make the machine hand out more money? I thought the tags were like a gold card, where you just get the money you need. I already used up everything it gave me and now it won’t give me any more!

I’m hungry!

It didn’t even give me enough for lunch. Those food stands were really good too. I didn’t even get to try all of them! I only got to have the hot dogs, and the falafels, and the ice cream, and the soda, and the burgers, and the pretzels, and the pizza, and the tacos, and the eggrolls…

[He looks side to side instinctively as this is normally when a fan would hit his head or a gun shot would go off. However as nothing is stopping him he turns his pleading gaze back to the comm.]

I didn’t even get to try the burritos and the french fries and the corn dogs and the paninis. I don’t even know what they are but they smell so good!

If I beat up more bad guys and do more hero stuff will the machine give me more money for food?

[Plops down on the ground grasping his poor neglected belly]

What’s the point of giving me a place to stay if it’s not going to feed me? It can’t expect me to be a hero on an empty stomach!

I’m hungry. When do the tags refill?

I can get more food soon, right?

Goku had been able to find his room in the MAC easily enough. The writing style was weird, but he could match symbols on his dog tag with the symbols on the door. Getting it open with the weird tags instead of a key was a little harder, until he remembered how waitresses would swipe Sanzo’s gold card. He smiled as the door clicked open, very pleased with himself. He turned to show Sanzo that he’d figured it out before looking back to door when he wasn’t there.

That was the weirdest part of all of this. He could deal with randomly showing up in a room where a strange lady’s voice told him to be a hero. Talking to people over a little box was weird but then Sanzo talked to floating heads in a temple, so he could handle that too. They’d been traveling to enough new towns lately that he could take this one’s giant buildings and everyone with their own hakuryu. At least the people weren’t being eaten by insane demons.

He was just so used to having Sanzo there. Ever since he’d been rescued from that cave they’d only been really separated a few times. It’s not like he was always right next to Sanzo. He remembered the week he'd tried that. He also remembered all of the bruises from Sanzo’s paper fan. Still, he was always close enough that every time Goku found something really cool he could at least run and show him. He was sure Sanzo was going to be mad at him for getting lost like this, but since it wasn’t really his fault Sanzo wouldn’t be able to stay mad. He hoped.

Goku pushed open the door to take a look at his new room and his breath caught in panic. The only light in the room was coming from the windows. The panes cast shadows on the floor and for a moment looked exactly like the light shining through the bars of that cave.

So alone.

So long.


He flipped on the lights and the illusion was gone. 

“Stupid,” he said, hitting himself on the head since there was no one else there to do it. He went to take a real look around and decided it wasn’t bad. Definitely nicer than any of the hotel rooms they’d been staying at lately. The table looked big enough for the four of them to play mahjong. He deflated slightly at the thought. He didn't have anyone to play with now. He wished they were there. He would even let the perverted water sprite have the last spring roll if it meant he wouldn't be alone.

Without any care for how deeply the monkey was thinking, his stomach interrupted him with a loud growl. At least that was a problem he could solve by himself. He headed over to what looked like the kitchen area to search for food. His search came up empty.

“Awww,” he complained. “I’m really not lucky today.”

He walked dejectedly over to the living room, ready to throw himself onto the couch to properly deal with the unfairness of it all. His weight had barely settled when his hearing picked up sounds from outside. It sounded like a voice…a few voices! He perked up his head to listen harder. They didn’t sound threatening, in fact the were laughing!

He had forgotten this wasn't an inn. This was a living space! He had neighbors!

He picked himself up off the couch, and ran to the door to catch his new friends before they got too far away. If he was really lucky they may have just gotten back from grocery shopping and would invite him to dinner!

Sorry for the tl;dr


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